Roger Chaplain-Midy. Flowers Vase, painting
Roger CHAPLAIN-MIDY (1904-1992)Flowers Vase on CheckerboardOil on canvas signed lower leftHeight: 73 cm (28-3/4 in.) - Width: 60 cm (23-3/5 in.)Frame: 92 x 79 cm (36-1/4 x 31-1/10 in.)
Jan Znosko. View of Pont des Arts, painting
Jan ZNOSKO (1954)Vue du pont des arts (View of Pont des Arts, Paris)Oil on canvas signed and dated lower right, counter-signed, located Paris and dated on versoHeight: 54 cm (21-1/4 in.) - Width; 65 cm (25-1/2 in.)
Karl Lagasse. One Dollar, sculpture
Karl LAGASSE (1981)One Dollar, White and GreenSerigraph proof on plexiglass. Signed and dated 2013Height: 89 cm (35 in.) - Width: 42 cm (16-1/2 in.)Biography:Karl Lagasse was born in Paris on April 4, 1981 into a family of artists. He began to create collages and graffiti at 7 years old then later leaned towards painting and photography. He sold his first canvas at the age of 15.Today as a painter and sculptor Karl Lagasse exhibits mainly in the United States and very soon in India. As explained by him, his realizations are issued by a spontaneous and irrational start which follows his string of emotions. As soon as the work is finished he perceives his own subjectivity as well as truth.This works are constructed as reflection points on his personality and inhabited world. His works from the series “Buildings” were inspired by New York skyscrapers represented his fascination for the United States and his need to construct and rise.His paintings are inspired also by the city and all that is urban (graffiti, buildings, posters, etc) and his personal convictions. The result is poetic and allows one to know the artist better.The Dollar is also a symbol pushing his admiration for the United States with the ornated phrase: In God We Trust. The same bill, 1995 series, year where the dollar was at its highest is presented with bright colors and different sizes. These bills contrary to one’s imagination are not still, they bend and wave rendering the works in movement. The work presented here is part of that series.Karl Lagasse is simply an artist amidst perpetual becoming, responding always to his own desires in following the inspiration maintained via artistic awakening.
Digital print on plexiglass. Artist’s proof, one of six productionsHeight: 80 cm (31-1/2 in.) - Width: 119 cm (46-4/5 in.)Frame: 90 x 129 cm (35-1/3 x 50-3/4 in.)Ludovic Baron is a young artist passionate about photography and creating images. He accepts the paradoxes at the heart of his work: realism and powerful dreams, borrowing cinematography and modern myths where superheroes and real people reside. When creating an image, Ludovic engages in a complex manufacturing process and always with spontaneity conditions. Without setting aside his artistic projects, Ludovic parallels his talent and energy for many audiovisual projects including the beloved theater.Ludovic Baron never ceases to amaze us and evolve. In November 2013, he exhibited at the Petit Palais in Paris along with great and renowned artists. He also chose to share and participate in an auction held in the prestigious Georges V hotel to benefit UNICEF. In 2014, Ludovic is preparing for new exhibits and developing new and more ambitious projects in France and abroad.
Irina IONESCO (1935)Sapho, 1980Silver print, signed lower left, titled lower center, dated on verso.
Alain THOMAS (1942)Baghera, Mowgli and the BirdOil on panelSigned upper right
AMERICAN SCHOOL circa 1940Portrait of Eight Actors Disguised in Military AttireSilver print on glossy paper. Bearing n° 1120 - 77 AD lower left
Apple Watch? …Not impressed!
Claude GAVEAU (born in 1940)L’Eveil (The Awakening)Color lithograph on vellumPrinting of 125, numbered 16/125, signed lower right.Subject: 56,5 x 57 cm (22-1/4 x 22-1/3 in.) - Sheet: 58,5 x 65 cm (23 x 25-1/2 in.)
Lot of eight miniatures presenting portraits of ladies, children and one mythological scene in the 18th and 19th Century Manner. Within ivory, bone and tortoise shell frames.20th Century
Willy RONIS (1910-2009)Place Vendôme, Paris 1947Later silver printing, signed with ink on margin.Verso with photographer’s wet stamp. Pencil-written manuscript : “Place Vendôme, Paris 1947” and “Tirage effectué par Pierre-Jean Amar sous la direction de l’auteur” (Print executed by Pierre-Jean Amar under the photographer’s direction)Image : 33,5 x 25,5 cm (13-1/8 x 10 in.) - Sheet : 40 x 30 cm (15-3/4 x 11-3/4 in.)Frame : 55 x 46,5 cm (21-2/3 x 18-1/4 in.)Certificate by Pierre-Jean Amar dated 2006 on frame mounting’s verso 
After Pablo PICASSO (1881-1973)« Le Nain » (The Dwarf)After the Imaginary Portraits series from 1969Impression on ceramic, signed and dated upper left and numbered 163/350.Height : 19,5 cm (7-2/3 in.) - Width : 14,5 cm (5-7/10 in.) (on sight).Frame : 37 x 31,5 cm (14-1/2 x 12-1/3 in.)
Attributed to Louis de CAULLERY (1555-1622)Apollon protecteur des rois (Apollo, Protector of Kings)Oak panel, two boards with no batten markersHeight: 48 cm (18-3/4 in.) - Length: 35 cm (13-3/4 in.).Frame: 60 x 45 cm (23-1/2 x 17-3/4 in.).One split and restorationsComposition inspire by a print by Goltzius, Apollon protecteur des rois.Condition report:Work painted onto an oak panel, split measuring 8,5 cm (3-1/3 in.) on left border, some of it slightly warped. Restored split and beginning of scattered flaking. Overall, minor wear in skyline and architecture. Painting is under a recent brilliant varnish 
Carved walnut dragon-shaped architectural wall element.Late 19th Century